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 Server OOC Rules

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Date d'inscription : 2016-11-13

PostSubject: Server OOC Rules   Sun 13 Nov - 15:33

Offenses Against Persons

DM/DeathMatching:Attacking a player in any way without a proper in character reason.

KOS/Killing on Sight:Attacking a player in any way with little (Ex: just doing "/me shoots Name")/insufficient/no roleplay. Even if you have RP reason to attack the player, if you do not roleplay sufficiently, you can be punished. (Binds are not sufficient).
Roleplay is only expected if a reasonable person would believe that you have sufficient time to roleplay without being harmed.

RK/Revenge Kill:Killing another player because they killed you. When you die, you lose memory of all events leading up to your death. Once killed in an on-going situation, players may not return until 30 minutes have passed, unless returning to their HQ.

PG/PowerGaming:The act of:
-Forcing roleplay that impacts a player directly
-Any action directed at a player (that could be reasonably prevented) requires a /do unless the player agrees otherwise. Any action not directed directly at a player does not require a /do if the roleplay is physically possible. If the opposing parties wish to interject they can do so via /me or /do.
-Eg. A civilian is sitting in his car pulled over on the side of the road and a police officer uses a crowbar to pry open the trunk. A /do is not required by the officer because the player is not in a position to interject. If the civilian wishes to interject they must do so on their own.
-Eg. A person is able to, within the rules, shoot their victim. They type out the /me and roleplay properly. In this case, the shooter does not need to use a /do to ask if shooting the victim is possible, since the firing of the bullets can not be reasonably prevented.
-Roleplaying with impossible god-like/superhero abilities, or the use of impossible futuristic technologies.

MG/MetaGaming:Using Out Of character (OOC) information In Character (IC), including acting on OOC knowledge of IC events, mixing Out of Character and In Character chats, or using abbreviations/acronyms (lol, wtf) as In Character speech.

Non-RP Behavior:Acting in a manner that is deemed unrealistic or non-roleplay, including (but not limited to): Improper usage of toys, ramming your vehicle into a player/object excessively, car surfing, etc.

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Server OOC Rules
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