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 Gang Rules !

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Date d'inscription : 2016-11-13

PostSubject: Gang Rules !   Sun 13 Nov - 16:06

Gang Forum Rules :
1-No Comment OOG (Out of game) or you will get a punish
2- Gang must be active ! That means Rp More and Post at rp thread ( It's okey if ss is with low quality)
3- Gang must post at least 1 rp per week in rp thread or it will count as Inactive one
3- Inactive Gang in rp thread will get 3 warns ! 3 warns will assure a Strike !
4- Warning stills 1 week ! so if you didn't get family warning removal Report For that
5- if Leader Get an Complaint/Ban/Prison(ooc) admin will assure a strike for them
6- Inactive Gang will get a leaderChanger ! (after 1 warning)
Remember you are rp gang so please with everystep make it real
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Gang Rules !
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